Adult Education

Energy Engineering Certificate

Intended for persons who have or are actively pursuing a bachelor's degree in an engineering discipline, this certificate prepares students for the ever-expanding field of energy engineering.

Four courses or experiences are required to earn the certificate, including Electrical Engineering and any three of the following:

  • Electrical Engineering 330;
  • Civil Engineering 374;
  • Mechanical Engineering 463;
  • Mechanical Engineering 470;
  • Mechanical Engineering 472;
  • Mechanical Engineering 476;
  • Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering 497 (with an approved Energy-focused project), or
  • COOP 91-95 or EXED 71-73 (with an approved Energy-focused employer).

For more information, please contact Dick Blandford, chair of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, at 812-488-2291, or