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Institute for Global Enterprise in Indiana

The Institute for Global Enterprise in Indiana serves as a resource to prepare our students and Indiana's businesses for global leadership, citizenry, and success.

Research Director


Walayet A. Khan, PhD
Research Director, Institute for Global Enterprise in Indiana

As research director of the Institute for Global Enterprise in Indiana, Dr. Walayet A. Khan works to increase awareness and research of internationally related topics across the University of Evansville campus. Dr. Khan joined the University of Evansville in 1989 as assistant professor of finance. Since joining the University, Dr. Khan has been active and consistent in research endeavors with a strong involvement in the international area. He has published papers coauthored with colleagues globally from countries such as Australia, Singapore, Portugal, and Taiwan. Dr. Khan has served as a consultant to various national organizations, including the Philadelphia Stock exchange (the largest foreign currency options market), the Chicago Stock Exchange, and Kaplin Schwezer.

Dr. Khan was born and raised in Pakistan. After receiving a BA degree in economics from the University of Punjab, Lahore, he left Pakistan in 1975 to pursue a four-year BS degree from RCD International School of Insurance & Economics, Tehran, Iran. During his stay in Tehran, Dr. Khan witnessed the downfall of the Shah’s regime. At the time of the change in regime, he was working as an aviation insurance expert in an international insurance company with the responsibility of developing reinsurance arrangements in the global marketplace.

Dr. Khan holds a PhD in finance and an MBA from the University of Arkansas. Dr. Khan has taught courses in finance, economics, and statistics including financial management, corporate financial policy, international finance, investments, derivative securities, financial markets & institutions, risk management, money and banking, business statistics, financial planning, international economics, macroeconomics, and global capital markets.