Office of Publications

UE Graphics Standards

All printed text that represents the University of Evansville must follow the UE Editorial Style Guide of the Integrated Marketing Communication Plan. UE follows the Chicago Manual of Style with a few exceptions, which are noted in the UE style guide. The editor will make appropriate adjustments to any text submitted to our office.

The University's editorial style should be followed in all your other written communication from the University. Also, please ensure that your writing is free of grammatical and typographical errors, as these would reflect poorly on an institution of higher learning.

Please familiarize yourself with this guide and use it when submitting text for your jobs. Key sections covered in the guide include:

  • Building Names
  • Degree Names
  • Web Terms
  • Titles of Works

Updates to the University style:

  • Ban on contractions is lifted.
  • Web terms are now lowercased, unless at the beginning of a sentence or in a headline.

Download the Integrated Marketing Communication Plan in PDF format. For more information, contact the publications office at 812-488-2561 or