SOAR Housing and Parking

SOAR On-Campus Housing in University Residence Halls

Parents and students are housed in different buildings. Students will be housed in one of our traditional residence halls. Parents will also be housed in a traditional residence hall. Parents who designate "individual" lodging will be housed by themselves, unless otherwise requested.

All rooms have twin beds. Sheets, pillow, blanket and towels are provided. You will need to bring your toiletries, alarm clock, etc. You may also wish to bring a robe.

Each of our housing units are equipped with community restrooms and showers. They are located in a common area of each floor of the residence hall. Men and women's facilities are located on different floors.

We highly recommend that you bring your own alarm clock, as we do not provide wake-up calls.

(See "What to Bring" for a checklist of what to bring)

On-Campus housing is not available for parents during SOAR III.

Hotel Accomodations

Parents may choose to stay at an area hotel during the SOAR weekend. If you plan to attend SOAR III, housing for parents will not be available on campus; therefore, parents must obtain alternative housing during this time. If your parents need hotel accommodations, please make sure reservations are made as soon as possible. Download additional hotel information here.

Where do I Park When I Arrive?

You may park in any parking zone except handicapped spaces, loading zones, and fire hydrant zones. Visit our website to get detailed information about our campus parking.