Winter Intersession Classes Offered

Professor Course Number Course Title
Larmann ART 105 Introduction to Visual Arts
Rosen/Rawski BUS 380 Social Media
Thomlison COMM 380 Intercultural Communication
Bayar ECON 102 Principles of Microeconomics
Newhouse-Bailey EXSS 310 Sport Law and Ethics
Rodd EXSS 320 Nutrition for Performance and Health
Alhenawi FIN 280 Introduction Personal Finance
Lamar HS101 Adult Health and Wellness
Stroube HSA 405 Health Care Systems: Issues and Trends
Stroube HSA 505 Health Care Systems: Issues and Trends
Rawski ID 150 The American Corporation
Sherman MGT 377 Organizational Behavior
Patel-Dovlatabadi PH 190 Introduction to Public Health
Kim PSCI 100 World Politics
Hennon Peters PSYC 121 Introduction to Psychology
Stevenson PSYC 229 Social Psychology
Plikuhn SOC 105 Introduction to Sociology