Residence Life

Computing Services

All students living in UE residence halls (as well as North Hall) have access to both wireless Internet and two Ethernet ports in their rooms (one wall port and one port on the back of the IP phone).

In addition, each hall contains community computers for use by any resident.

  • Hale: 4 computers (one per study lounge); printer on first floor
  • Morton/Brentano: 4 computers; printer in Brentano PC lab
  • Hughes: 3 computers; printer in south basement computer lab
  • Moore: 3 computers; printer in south basement computer lab
  • Schroeder: 4 computers; printer in third floor corner room
  • Powell: Variety of computing equipment in the Honors lounge

Students residing in Village housing do not have ethernet access, except through an external provider contracted individually by residents. While there is some wireless capability in the Villages from the University's network, the strength of signal cannot be guaranteed.

Current students, please click here for assistance with campus computing.