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A special message from some UE phonathon callers. Thank you for doing your part and making an IMPACT.


The University of Evansville Phonathon Campaign employees 30 energetic and bright students who play an important role in contacting UE’s alumni, parents and friends. The team makes calls to talk about what’s new on campus and of course to acquire gifts for the University. These students gain valuable work experience and connect with more than 20,000 alumni, friends and parents.

While our call center solicits support for the University it also serves as a direct line of communication between current students and the Evansville community beyond campus.

Did you pledge your support to UE with a caller from the phonaton campaign?

Meet the Phonathon Team


Haley Anderson

  • Year: Junior
  • Major: Special Education
  • Hometown: Franklin, IN
  • Student Organizations: Indiana Student Education Association, Best Buddies, Kappa Kappa Iota
  • Why do you love UE? — UE is a great school all around. We have a pretty campus that is always being updated. We have many housing opportunities good for upper-classmen and lower-classmen. We also have great education programs where professors are always willing to work with me in whatever you need assistance in, in order to help you succeed. There has also always been a plethora of great extra- curricular activities that help keep me busy all the time.
  • What does philanthropy mean to you? — Philanthropy means aiding others for the benefit of the society, the community, and the individual. It can come in many shapes and forms, but it is important in regards to helping others and knowing what is right. Giving services for others in need without expecting anything in return is crucial for the development of society.

Alex Benites

  • Year: Junior
  • Major: Archaeology
  • Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona
  • Student Organizations: Resident Life Resident Assistant; Society of Art History and Archaeology
  • Why do you love UE? — UE has offered me so many opportunities while I continue to fulfill one of my life long dreams of becoming an archaeologist. I have made friendships and relationships here that will last me throughout the years. The connections through work and business that UE has provided me with continue to teach and develop my personal skills in multiple areas of work and responsibility. I am forever grateful to UE and could never imagine attending school anywhere else.
  • What does philanthropy mean to you? — Philanthropy to me means to work towards a goal of small scale for the benefit of the greater good so that eventually those actions and efforts will become larger in effect. This can mean or be anything as long as it is meant to have a positive impact on the world and all it can begin with is an idea.

Emily Blessinger

  • Year: Junior
  • Major: Clinical Laboratory Science
  • Hometown: Kokomo, Indiana
  • Student Organizations: SGA, Circle K, Chemistry Club, Intramural Sports
  • Why do you love UE? — I love the small campus and class sizes! I also love how much effort and time my advisor and teachers give me to help me succeed!
  • What does philanthropy mean to you? — Philanthropy to me means giving my talents to those who are less fortunate than myself.

Trisha Brandonisio

  • Year: Senior
  • Major: Theatre Management & Business Administration
  • Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
  • Student Organizations: Zeta Tau Alpha
  • Why do you love UE? — The smaller class sizes allow me to develop great relationships with my professors in order to really embrace my education.
  • What does philanthropy mean to you? — Giving back to others gives me the opportunity to do something greater than myself.

Alexandria Burns

  • Year: Freshman
  • Major: Sociology
  • Hometown: Peru, Indiana
  • Student Organizations: Choir and Phi Mu
  • Why do you love UE? — There are a ton of opportunities and Harlaxton

Emily Consalvi

  • Year: Senior
  • Major: International Relations, Political Science, French
  • Hometown: Millers, Maryland
  • Student Organizations: Student Publications, Admissions Ambassadors, Venturing Crew, Society of Leadership and Success, Circle K
  • Why do you love UE? — The faculty at UE is astounding; the professors are here to help the students in every way and they care about the success of the students. I love how UE allows students to pursue a variety of academic and extracurricular activities. I feel like I’ve had an education that’s been tailored to my interests: I’ve been able to study abroad twice, hike in the Smokey Mountains, and develop relationships with faculty and students around the world. I wouldn’t trade my four years at UE for anything.
  • What does philanthropy mean to you? — Being able to give back and help a community that has given me so many incredible opportunities means a lot to me. I really enjoy working with the Phonathon team and hearing how the alumni/parents/friends of the UE care about the University and want to make a difference.

James deSilva

  • Year: Freshman
  • Major: German
  • Hometown: Ashland, Ohio
  • Student Organizations: Student Admissions Ambassadors; Aces TV; WUEV; Powell Hall Council; Honors Program Student Advisory Council; Psychology Club; Student Activities Board
  • Why do you love UE? — UE’s smaller size—2,750 students—has allowed me to develop close personal connections not only with my professors, but with my fellow students; the campus community is close and engaged. My classes and professors are excellent, and as a foreign language major and minor, I have found UE willing and able to help me in preparing for study abroad in both German and Japan. Aside from excellent academics, UE offers a multitude of programs and opportunities outside of the classroom, and I only regret not being able to do them all.
  • What does philanthropy mean to you? — Christmas is my favorite time of year—not for what I hope to receive, but for what I give to those closest to me. I believe in the joy of giving; as a college student with limited funds, I often find myself unable to buy the most obvious and expensive gifts. This fact forces me to look for less expensive but often more meaningful gifts—and this to me is the essence of giving. Doing what we can for the people around us, giving to the people who simultaneously give so much to us.

Rachel Harder

  • Year: Sophomore
  • Major: Pre-Physical Therapy Exercise and Sport Science
  • Hometown: Shoals, IN
  • Student Organizations: EXSS Club, PT Club, Phonathon, Carson Center Intern
  • Why do you love UE? — It’s a small campus with amazing people.
  • What does philanthropy mean to you? — Giving back some of what I have been blessed with.

Ian Heslinger

  • Year: Junior
  • Major: Sport Communication
  • Hometown: Grand Blanc, MI
  • Student Organizations: WUEV
  • Why do you love UE? — It has a small, yet connected campus. The faculty members are always willing to help and want to see their students succeed.
  • What does philanthropy mean to you? — It is what makes us special as humans. Supporting others is crucial because everyone needs to look out for and support someone. It helps us stay connected through these relationships.

Emily Hughes

  • Year: Freshman
  • Major: English Education
  • Hometown: Lima, Ohio
  • Student Organizations: Acettes, Aces TV, Zeta Tau Alpha
  • Why Do You Love UE: The class sizes are small so I have the opportunity to have very personal relationships with my professors and classmates. I love that I have the chance to dance on campus and at the Ace's basketball games. And my sorority is so perfect for me. What Does Philanthropy Mean To You: I've always been a charitable person and I try to help out when I can. I've been donating my hair since I was in kindergarten and I just cut it over winter break. I also have a special place for breast cancer awareness. While I was in high school my best friend's mom was diagnosed and my family and I did all we could while she was undergoing treatment. Philanthropy doesn't necessarily mean helping those less fortunate than you, or even those who need it most, but just those you're able to help.

Jessica Jakubaitis

  • Year: Freshman
  • Major: Exercise Science/Pre-Physical Therapy
  • Hometown: Batavia, IL
  • Student Organizations: Newman Club, PT Club, Venturing Crew, Phonathon
  • Why do you love UE? — I love UE because it is everything I wanted in a university, including a wonderful campus, a great physical therapy program, and classes that provide the perfect learning environment.
  • What does philanthropy mean to you? — To me, philanthropy is a simple yet valuable way for a person to help improve the overall welfare of others in need.

Kiki Jones

  • Year: Junior
  • Major: History and Literature
  • Hometown: Salem, IN
  • Student Organizations: Zeta Tau Alpha, Sigma Tau Delta, Phi Alpha Theta, National Collegiate Society for Scholars, National Society of Leadership and Success
  • Why do you love UE? — I like how intimate the university is—how it is very easy to recognize faces, to feel at home around campus, and to be comfortable with approaching professors. I also love the strong study abroad program.
  • What does philanthropy mean to you? — It means donating some part of yourself, be it time, money, or even dedication, to a cause that you believe is worthy of the commitment.

Becca Moore

  • Year: Junior
  • Major: Music Therapy
  • Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO
  • Student Organizations: AOII, UE Music Therapy Association
  • Why do you love UE? — It really feels like a family environment here. I have made incredible connections with not only my fellow classmates, but my professors as well.
  • What does philanthropy mean to you? — Helping those in need.

Marris Parks

  • Year: Sophomore
  • Major: Health Services Administration
  • Hometown: Herrin, Illinois
  • Student Organizations: College Mentors for Kids, National Society of Leadership and Success
  • Why do you love UE? — The University provides a sense of community while offering the same amenities of a larger university’s campus. The faculty and staff make student success their priority.
  • What does philanthropy mean to you? — I define philanthropy as individuals joining forces through contributions of time, work effort, and finances to benefit the greater good of an organization or cause.

Libby Peterson

  • Year: Junior
  • Major: Exercise Science/pre-Physical Therapy
  • Hometown: Columbia City, IN
  • Student Organizations: Student Christian Fellowship, Intramurals, Exercise Science Club
  • Why do you love UE? — I love the people! My professors work hard to be available when I have questions or need help and my friends are always close! There is never a dull moment!
  • What does philanthropy mean to you? — Philanthropy means paying it forward. We can never repay for someone for what we are given, but we can make the future better for someone else!

For additional information on UE’s phonathon campaign please contact Jennifer Jacobs at or (812)488-2021.