Admission Guidelines

Freshman Student Admission Guidelines

High School Courses

Candidates for admission the University of Evansville are expected to have studied a rigorous college preparatory curriculum, which includes these high school subjects, at the minimum:

  • English – four years
  • Math – three years
  • Lab Sciences – three years
  • Social Sciences – three years

NOTE: Chemistry required for engineering and nursing.

These courses are recommended, but not required for admission consideration:

  • English – four years
  • Foreign Language - two years
  • Mathematics – four years
  • Sciences – four years
  • Social Sciences – four years


Students applying for admission to the University of Evansville's Fall 2014 freshman class will be required to submit results from either the ACT (with the Writing Test) or the SAT-I (critical reading, math, and writing).

Application Essay Policy

All applicants are required to submit an essay of 250–650 words. Review the application essay requirements and essay topics.

Application Deadlines

The University of Evansville has two application deadlines*. The early action deadline is December 2. If you apply on or before December 2, your admission and scholarship decision will be mailed no later than December 16.

The regular notification deadline is February 3, and decisions on admission and scholarship will be mailed no later than February 17. Once you have been admitted, you must reserve your space in the freshman class by submitting a $300 admission deposit* by May 1.

* Students interested in the physical therapy direct entry program must have an SAT-I score of at least 1200 on the math and critical reading sections (must have a score of at least 500 on each section) or an ACT score of at least 27, and submit a completed Application for Admission and Scholarship to UE by November 1, 2013. For additional information, please view our information on the physical therapy direct entry program.

Applying for Admission

  1. Instructions for completing the online Application for Admission and Scholarships:

    1. Complete the online application.
    2. When your electronic application is received, we will send you a confirmation e-mail.
    3. Submit your essay, official high school transcript, and SAT or ACT.
  2. Instructions for completing the paper application:

    1. You can complete a paper application by printing the application pdf. Contact the Office of Admission at 800-423-8633, ext. 2468 or 812-488-2468 with any questions.
    2. Complete all parts of the application.
    3. Submit your essay, official high school transcript, and SAT or ACT scores to the University of Evansville.

Questions regarding admission requirements may be submitted via e-mail to

*By submitting the $300 deposit, you are indicating UE is your final college choice. If your enrollment intentions change after submitting the deposit, you must write or e-mail UE's Office of Admission informing the staff of your intent to cancel your enrollment.