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The Jezreel Expedition

The Jezreel Expedition

UE students and alumni join Department Chair Jennie Ebeling in northern Israel for the Jezreel Expedition. Watch the video to learn about their experience!

UE Short-Term Programs

Students looking for an exceptionally well-guided glimpse into the complexities of another culture may be interested in one of our UE short-term study abroad programs.

Each year, UE faculty lead several of these short-term programs, taking smaller groups of students to locations as diverse as China and Israel. While some of these programs are designed specifically for students in a particular major, many are cross-disciplinary in content, allowing all students the opportunity to learn from and about a new culture with the guidance of a UE faculty member.

The smaller number of program participants, combined with the passion and commitment of UE's talented faculty, make these programs ideal for students seeking a broader understanding of the location where they are studying.

Current Summer 2014 programs include:

Some of our previous programs include: