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Leadership Certificate

The University of Evansville’s vision is “to be an innovative institution of global reach and reputation whose students develop the knowledge and skills, vision and wisdom to lead and to serve.” To that end the Discover IMPACT: Leadership Certificate enables students to develop these skills sets in a co-curricular environment.

What is the Leadership Certificate?

The Leadership Certificate is a multi-semester structured program designed to provide students with a customized experience to help develop leadership skills in a way that integrates leadership education, reflection, and experience. The Certificate Program is grounded in the Student Leadership Challenge and its core belief that leadership is everyone’s business. To this end, The Leadership Certificate program is a skills-based model of leadership development.

Why should you get a Leadership Certificate?

Completing the Leadership Certificate will deepen your leadership skill set, provide you with opportunities to engage in real team experiences practice what you have learned and reflect on your experiences in order to fully learn from them.

The following are our learning outcomes for leadership development programs at UE:

  1. A student will be self-aware of their leadership ability.
  2. Students will demonstrate their ability to collaborate with others.
  3. Students will be able to express a sense of balance in their academic, social and co-curricular involvements.
  4. Students will demonstrate their commitment to expanding their knowledge.

What are the Certificate Requirements?

Most students are able to fulfill all the requirements for the Leadership Certificate in 2-4 semesters. Please note that these requirements must be met after you have enrolled in the certificate program. You will not receive credit for programs or experiences you’ve had prior to the semester you enroll in the certificate program.


  • To begin the Leadership Certificate each student will complete the Student Leadership Practices Inventory. The Student LPI has two forms: Self and Observer. Each form consists of thirty statements—six statements to measure each of The Five Practices of Exemplary Student Leadership®. The forms differ only in the individuals who complete them. The Student LPI-Self form is completed by the student leader himself or herself, and the Student LPI-Observer form is completed by a person who has directly observed the leadership behaviors of that student leader.
  • Students will then create a personal leadership development plan to guide their journey. This plan shall include a comparison of the two sets of responses to discover their strengths or areas for improvement as leaders.

Leadership Development Programming

  • Students will participate in UE LEADS sessions offered by the Center for Student Engagement. These sessions will cover numerous topics.
  • Students must complete 20 hours of educational sessions.
  • Additional education sessions offered through other programs or departments may count towards the requirement. See the Center for Student Engagement or Certificate coordinator for specifics.

Professional Development

  • Students will engage in at three professional development experiences.
  • Experiences may include programs offered by the Center for Career Development such career forums, student-alumni networking program, etiquette training reception or, student leadership conference, or other conference experiences offered through membership in a student organization or academic major.

Team Experiences

  • Students will actively engage in at least two team experiences.
  • These experiences may include a student organization, athletic team, or a long term academic project.

Leadership Portfolio

  • For successful completion of the Leadership Certificate each student shall prepare a portfolio to include:
    • Personal Leadership Development plan created after the SLPI
    • Reflection essays on each of the above mentioned criteria
    • A revised Personal Leadership Development plan created after all other requirements is fulfilled that evaluates leadership growth and establishes future goals.

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