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Cognitive Science

Students in the classical studies program at UE find their experience enhanced by studying abroad in many locations including Harlaxton College, UE's own British Campus.

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The Cognitive Science Program

UE's Cognitive Science major prepares graduate school-bound students to succeed in their study of perceptual processing, neurophysiology, and human cognition.

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Cognitive science is the general study of intelligence. It seeks to understand how thought processes function, how they might be instantiated in machinery, and how our cognitive initiatives relate to the brain. Our cognitive science program includes courses from neuroscience, cognitive psychology, philosophy, and computer science to create an interdisciplinary exploration of the nature of cognition as a whole.

Throughout cognitive science, students have an exceptional range of opportunities that are co-curricular and academic. Students will be prepared for graduate school and the professional world due to their nurturing in a challenging and collaborative learning environment.