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Acquisitions and Collection Development

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Collaborative Collection Building

UE Libraries' collection of resources supports the educational and research needs of students, faculty, and staff at the University. The collection focuses on materials that are scholarly and curriculum-based. The Collection Development Librarian and faculty liaisons work together to build the Libraries' collection. The Collection Development Librarian (CDL) allocates money from the Libraries' budget to each academic department to spend on books and audiovisual materials. Departmental chairs identify a faculty member willing to serve as the departmental liaison; liaisons work with the CDL to initiate orders from faculty members and serve as a resource for the CDL. The liaison and the chair determine how the money is divided among faculty within the department. Faculty members recommend purchases of books and AV resources. The Collection Development Librarian reviews proposed orders from faculty members and normally accepts their recommendations. Orders are then processed and received by the Acquisitions Department.

Librarians select reference and interdisciplinary materials and welcome input from teaching faculty members.

Ordering Monographs and Audiovisual Material

University Libraries subscribes to a service to assist librarians and faculty members to purchase monographs. Choice, a journal produced by the Association of College and Research Libraries, produces review cards describing new monographs. Bundles of these cards are received by the Acquisitions Department monthly. The cards are divided by subject discipline and sent to departmental library liaisons. The library liaisons distribute the cards to faculty members for review.

Each faculty member initials any Choice review card of a monograph he/she recommends for purchase. The Choice card is returned to the library liaison who also initials the card and then the card is returned to the Acquisitions Department.

Orders for other books and AV materials (videos and DVDs) are made on a standard order card available from the library liaison or the Acquisitions Department. Providing complete bibliographic information on the order card is helpful to Acquisitions personnel. An advertisement or brochure describing a title can be stapled to the order card and provided to Acquisitions personnel, as well. A completed order card, initialed by the departmental library liaison, is necessary for each requested item. A standard order card is NOT necessary if a Choice order card is available. Faculty members are advised if a requested item is currently owned by the Libraries.

Once a title is ordered, a record for that title appears in the ACE online catalog with the order status, "on order" or "in process," visible.

Receipt of Monographs and Audiovisual Material

Books are normally received in the Acquisition Department within four weeks of placing an order. Videos usually arrive within two weeks.

Ordering Journals

Journals are a long term commitment for University Libraries; acquisition of a journal title requires consideration of more issues than purchasing a book or DVD. Cost, expected usage, and potential audience are elements to consider when proposing the addition of a new journal for the collection. The selection process for a new journal subscription is managed by the Periodicals Librarian. Faculty member recommendations for journal subsciptions are welcome.

Ordering Electronic Databases

Electronic databases are a continuing commitment for the Libraries; subscription to an electronic database requires consideration of cost, coverage of subject area, and potential audience. Faculty recommendations for databases are welcome.

Challenges and Opportunities in Collection Development

The mission of UE Libraries is to provide appropriate resources for undergraduate students and teaching faculty emphasizing the fact that the University of Evansville is primarily an undergraduate institution. Supporting an undergraduate curriculum precludes the purchase of esoteric works suitable for advanced research or popular materials for recreational use. Funds are limited so careful selection of quality, scholarly items is critical.

To "stretch" the collection budget as far as possible, University Libraries does not normally order multiple copies of a book unless a need can be identified. A reserve service is available through the Circulation Department when a single item is needed for a class. Additions to the collection should be of relatively permanent value; current textbooks, workbooks (which by design are destroyed through use), laboratory or office software, and items with consumable components such as answer sheets should not be ordered with library funds.

Please direct any questions concerning collection development or any aspect of ordering materials to Kathy Bartelt (kb4 or 2486), Collection Development Librarian.