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The University of Evansville offers speaker's series and other events throughout the academic year.

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Speaker Series

Annual Speaker Series

Throughout the academic year, the University of Evansville offers students and the community the opportunity to hear from leading voices in a variety of issues via a series of events, most of which are free and open to the public.

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The University of Evansville is always striving to extend its educational experience beyond the classroom. As such, the University is proud to present a variety of speaker series for the benefit of its student body and the entire Evansville community. These speaker series include on-campus lectures, such as the Crick Lecture Series, the Fiddick Lecture Series, and the Andiron Lecture Series among others. In addition, the University's Institute Speaker Series has brought in highly regarded individuals like Thomas Friedman, David Sanger, Khaled Hosseini and others. The goal of all of the University's speaker series is to enhance the academic experience of its students while benefiting the entire Evansville community.