Honors Program


Program Requirements at a Glance

  • GPA 3.3 or higher to graduate from the Honors Program*
  • Participation each semester
  • 21 total Honors points
  • 15 Honors points from classes
  • 3 Honors points from Honors project
  • Additional points may be earned from Honors events, internships, and study abroad

Program Requirements in more Detail

Grade Point Average (required)

The following cumulative GPA/credit hour combination is required to be in good standing:

*By the completion of the...

  1. Freshman year (0-30 hours) must have a CGPA of 3.0.
  2. Sophomore year (31-61 hours) must have a CGPA of 3.1.
  3. Junior year (62-92 hours) must have a CGPA of 3.2.
  4. Senior year (93 hours or more) must have a CGPA of 3.3.

If students are removed from the Honors Program due to low GPA or lack of participation, they may be reinstated in the Program upon regaining good standing status.

Participation (required)

It is necessary to either complete an Honors class or participate in an Honors event, research project, internship, or study abroad each semester to remain in good standing. Non-participation will result in a warning and eventual removal from the Program.

Honors Course Work (required, 15 points minimum)

Each year, the Honors Program offers several courses designated for Honors credit. Courses change from semester to semester. Honors courses are often general education in nature, thereby, fulfilling requirements for all degree programs. Honors course work may appear as the following:

  • Honors sections of courses (3-4 points each)
  • Special upper-division interdisciplinary courses offered as ID350H (usually fulfill a portion of the Integrated Distribution requirement of the General Education Program) (3 points each)
  • Special courses offered within the department and given the Honors designation
  • Weekly discussion courses offered as DISC300H (1 point each)
  • Honors science labs (1 pt.)

Alternative Course Work (optional)

Honors Contract Courses (points vary)
Students may earn Honors points for most any University non–honors course through "contracting." Interested students should meet with the professor teaching the course to develop a plan for elevating it to Honors level. Examples can include additional class projects, research papers, internships, presentations, etc. Once a plan is agreed upon, the student should complete an Honors Contract Course Form available on Acelink or in the Honors Program Office, Olmsted Administration Hall, room 238. The contract must be approved by the instructor, department chair, and the Honors Program director. Contract course points may count toward the 15 formal course work requirement.
Honors Independent Study (points vary)
These can be developed at the departmental level but must be approved by the Honors Program director. The instructor directing the study and/or department chair will aid the student in developing independent work of an "honors" caliber.

Honors Project (required 3 points)

This will be a significant honors research project, thesis, or creative project which will culminate in a presentation to the University community. Ideally, the project should be tied either to undergraduate research or to a research project in the student's major. It is possible for required degree projects or seminars to satisfy the Honors project requirement. However, the work must go above and beyond the requirements for non-Honors students. Students should consult with their faculty mentor and the Honors Program director for guidance.

Students may apply for funding to support their Honors projects through the University’s undergraduate research grant program, UE Explore, and through the Honors Program. It is required that proposals be submitted by April 1of the junior year. Proposals should be submitted in writing and signed by the student, the sponsoring faculty mentor, and ultimately approved by the Honors Program director.

Honors Internships (optional, points vary)

Students completing internships above and beyond their departmental requirements may apply for points by submitting a request to the Honors Program director.

Study Abroad (optional)

  • Harlaxton Fall or Spring Semester: 2 points
  • Harlaxton summer session: 1 point
  • Other locations (points vary): Students studying abroad at other locations should submit a description of their academic experience to the director. Points will be decided based on the length of stay and applicability to the Honors learning experience.

Events and Activities (may include but are not limited to the following)

  • Current events discussions
  • Weekly Honors Tea hosted by the Honors Program professor-in-residence, Dr. Mary Therese Padberg
  • Lectures
  • Book and movie discussions
  • Service to the Honors Program (e.g. holding an office on the Student Advisory Council)
  • Honors Program-sponsored volunteer activities
  • Presenting at a research conference
  • Participation in student academic competition

Point Records

Although the Office of the Registrar will track course work and corresponding credit, the Honors Program office maintains Honors Program records and points earned.

The points you have earned for the Honors Program are available for viewing on Web Advisor, go to the "Academic Profile " section and click on "My Honors Activity ". If you are missing points, submit a dispute request located at the bottom of your points history report. Your dispute will go directly to the Honors Program office via e-mail for follow up.