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Cognitive Science

Students in the classical studies program at UE find their experience enhanced by studying abroad in many locations including Harlaxton College, UE's own British Campus.

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Karolina Toth

Karolina Toth

Hear Karolina Toth talk about her decision to study Cognitive Science at the University of Evansville.

Beyond the Classroom

In order to impact their life course both personally and professionally, students are challenged not only in the classroom, but also through purposeful experiences that provide well-rounded knowledge and skills.

Undergraduate Research

Students in the Cognitive Science program are encouraged to conduct in-depth research. The University's UExplore Undergraduate Research Program provides funds for supplies and stipends. Funds are also available to students for conference travel to present research findings. Click here to learn more.

Community Outreach

At the University of Evansville, students are prepared to serve the world as compassionate and conscientious citizens. Our students and faculty are building the knowledge of their community by bringing cognitive and neural sciences into the local K-12 school systems through a series of outreach programs.

Student Profile

Rikki Weger
Arthur, Illinois

Cognitive science was an ideal fit for Rikki Weger since she enjoys both the sciences and the arts. "This program let me take classes in philosophy, psychology, computer science, and many other areas. It is extremely challenging, but also thoroughly enjoyable." Rikki spent the 2008-09 academic year as an undergraduate research fellow at Indiana University, where she was involved with a number of research projects. "In addition to spending time in the lab, I took a handful of classes during my fellowship. While I found the course load challenging, classes at UE are equally difficult. I felt prepared both inside and outside of the lab."

Rikki's work as a research assistant focused on ego depletion. "Ego depletion refers to the theory that mental resources can be used up. If mental resources are used up, they can not be used for other purposes. For example, if you take two tests back-to-back, all other things equal, you will perform worse on the second test than the first, simply because your mental resources have been depleted. One of the most interesting studies we conducted explored the role of ego depletion in marketing."

Since completing her research experience, Rikki's plans for the future have changed. "While I loved the people I met and the experiences I had, I came to the realization that lab research is not my passion. Instead, I am applying to law schools where I can further my interests in ethics and logic."