University of Evansville


A UE English degree has taken students to top graduate schools in literature, writing, library science, seminary, and law.

Beyond the Classroom


Students can participate in a variety of internship opportunities that typically follow two different tracks: research and English education. Additional internships are available through the Center for Career Development.

Reading Hemingway

The Reading Hemingway Series provides up-to-date, factual information and interpretive guidance for a wide variety of readers. Authors who rank among the best in Hemingway studies take the reader through the text, commenting on details that may not be recognized by general readers, students, or nonspecialist instructors.

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Wednesdays at One

The Department of English strives to create its own sense of community. Each Wednesday afternoon, the department hosts gatherings to promote close interactions between English faculty and majors. Students have the chance to hang out with faculty, eat lunch, or grab a quick snack. Gatherings occur in the English department offices on the third floor of Olmsted Administration Hall.