Honors Program


The most significant benefit of being in the Honors Program is being among other students who enjoy intellectual engagement. However, there are also tangible benefits for participants in the Honors Program:

Research Funding

Honors students whose research is not fully funded by the University's undergraduate research grant program may apply for additional financial support from the Honors Program.


Early Registration

Students in the Honors Program have the privilege to register for classes following seniors in order to ensure that they will be able to enroll in their first choice courses. This is effective for freshmen when they register for their spring semester.

Honors Housing

Honors Program students have the option to live in special honors housing located in Powell Residence Hall. Space is limited but available to incoming and current Honors Program students. Applications are available in the Office of Residence Life.

The Honors Program professor-in-residence, Dr. Mary Therese Padberg, resides in Powell Hall and hosts weekly Honors teas. Teas are an informal affair for discussion and social gathering for Honors participants and faculty. For details about Powell Hall visit the Theme Housing page of the Residence Life area of our website.

Honors Lounge

The Honors Lounge is for the exclusive use of students in the Program and is located in Powell Residence Hall. The room is used for HPSAC meetings, informal gatherings, and study. For those who don’t live in Powell, access to the lounge is available through requesting a key in the Honors Program office. The lounge contains computers, printers, printer/copier, scanner, books, magazines, and is available 24 hours a day. The lounge also contains office supplies and other resources.

Honors Facebook and E-mail Listserv

The Honors Program Student Advisory Council maintains the "UE Honors Program" Facebook page to keep participants informed of news and activities. There is also an e-mail listserv of Honors Program students that is used to support important announcements.

Honors Cords and Medallions

Students who complete the Program will receive purple cords and an engraved medallion to wear with their academic regalia at graduation. A certificate of completion will also be awarded to Honors Program graduates.


Honors Program graduates will also receive a transcript of Honors activity while at UE. On the University transcript, Honors courses are denoted with an "H" following the course number (i.e. PSYCH 121H).


The University of Evansville Honors Program is a member of the National Collegiate Honors Council.