Honors Program

Honors Program Project

The Honors Program project is an opportunity for students to explore an area of study about which they are passionate. Projects can take many forms depending on the topic - ranging from the more typical laboratory research to performances or artwork. Projects may also involve scholarly or creative works that grow out of a class or seminar. Students utilize their projects to launch interests they have for graduate study or to help them expand their resumes for employment. Projects require additional work, but the benefits for having completed one are far-reaching.

A written copy of the project must be submitted and a presentation of the work is required during the Honors Program Project Symposium held on campus during the spring semester of the senior year.

Many students have presented their research findings at the National Undergraduate Research Conference, presented work in which they were engaged while at research centers during the summer, and some have been published in professional journals. Any such activity is encouraged. Students from a variety of majors are in the program and the Honors project reflects that variety. In the past, projects have included:

  • Musical performances
  • Theatrical productions
  • Plays written and (in parts) performed
  • Portfolios of creative writing
  • Laboratory scientific research
  • Field work
  • Engineering design projects
  • Research with human subjects
  • Library research culminating in a scholarly paper

Proposals should include a detailed description of the project, including any expenses that might be part of the project (equipment, travel, etc.). Funds from the Honors Program may be available to help cover expenses that are not covered by other funding sources, such as UE Explore (the University’s undergraduate research program).

It is required that proposals be submitted by April 1 of the junior year. The proposals should be a fairly detailed description of what research, creative project, or thesis you intend to complete, signed by both the student and a faculty mentor who will act as your advisor on the project. Proposals submitted to UE Explore can serve as a model for Honors proposals.

While many may think of these as projects to be done during the senior year, there is no reason not to get started earlier. Indeed, many students actually complete their work before their senior year. This is especially true if you wish to take advantage of summer research or creative opportunities either off campus or through the UE Explore program. Your work should represent the culmination of your undergraduate work and provide the groundwork for further work in your profession or in graduate or professional school.