International Studies

International Service-Learning Programs

The University of Evansville provides student global and international engagement that combines relevant academic work with community outreach. Students are exposed to diverse cultures and languages, increasing their awareness of differing international concerns. These programs are short-term and intensive lasting from 10 days to 5 weeks. Faculty members and students have studied in China, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Japan, Korea, and Israel.

The Jordon Experience

In the summer of 2011, eight UE students and Professors Ebeling (Archaeology), Daniel Byrne (History) and Wes Milner (Political Science) spent three weeks in Jordan as part of an interdisciplinary three-credit program. Students heard lectures by Jordanian experts on a variety of topics, interacted with representatives of Habitat for Humanity, UNRWA and King's Academy, were hosted by a group of UE alumni living in Jordan, and visited numerous archaeological sites, including Jerash, Desert Castles, Ajloun, Karak, Umm Qeis, Pella, Iraq el-Amir, Madaba, Petra, Beidha and more.